Trust it or not, the world’s most costly cheese doesn’t originate from cows or goats, but from donkeys. Made on a homestead in Serbia, ‘Pule Cheese’ is produced using Balkan donkey milk and expenses a strong $1,000 per pound! It is a brittle white cheddar, evidently well known for its serious flavor and saltiness.

The world’s supply of pule originates from a solitary group of Balkan donkeys that live on a ranch in the Zasavica Special Nature Preserve, Serbia. Part of the reason this cheese is so costly is that donkeys don’t yield a lot of milk, and they all must be drained by hand, three times each day. 15 donkeys yield around a gallon of milk, and it takes 3.5 gallons to make a pound of pule cheddar. The donkeys of the Zasavica Special Nature Preserve just create enough milk to make around 200 pounds of pule cheddar a year, which makes it difficult to find.