The orientation programme for TECHRISE – the first ever online coding bootcamp in Nepal was held on Aug 1st Monday at Kupondole, Jwagol. TECHRISE welcomed in this month eight highly motivated and passionate students as their first batch of students. Students were selected out of 100 applicants after going through a pre-work and an interview.


Targeting the Nepali youth who have limited or no prior experience in coding, the company has already started its services and plans on expanding their reach to many more who wish to learn how to code.
During the orientation, the background of why TECHRISE was created, the aims/objectives of TECHRISE, and employment opportunities were briefed by Co-founders Takehiro and Natsuko.

The students immediately got started learning Ruby, and installed Ruby on Rails on their computer too.

TECHRISE aims to empower Nepali youths by teaching them how to code – expanding their financial capability and capacitating them to build innovative solutions to local issues. The social enterprise TECHRISE aims not only to potentially change the lives of the individuals, but also make a huge social and economic impact in Nepal.


During the learning time, they will learn and build apps with Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, Git/GitHub, Team Communication, and Data Structures/Algorithms.

During the program, the students will :
● Develop fully featured web applications.
● Learn how to use Github to collaborate with other developers.
● Write complex algorithms and data structures.
● Build an advanced web application as part of an agile team.
● Learn and apply Object Oriented Programming, MVC, and test driven development.

Takehiro Mouri, Co-founder of TECHRISE says that while the coding bootcamp model is highly successful in countries like US and Japan, there is nothing like it in Nepal. Realising that coding bootcamps had the potential to benefit many Nepali youths, he was inspired to bring the model to Nepal. He added that the major plus points in learning with TECHRISE were: weekly mentor sessions, daily office hours, options to get hired as a mentor, and opportunities to work on projects outsourced from foreign startups and companies.

TECHRISE is now opening up applications for the second batch of students.
If you are interested, sign up here for the two months that would change your life →