Kushey Aausi, or Gokarna Aausi or Buwa ko mukh herne din (Father’s Day)

What is it?

Fathers, mothers and teachers are such deities that are considered the figures closest to God on earth. Father, Pita, or Babu is considered as “Guru” , “rakhsakh (protector) , and palankarta (adherent figure). It suggests that fathers are our teachers, protectors, and our saviours as well. Father’s Day is a means of paying respects to fathers.

Father’s day in Hindu culture in Nepal is known as Kushey Aausi or Pitri Tiparne Aausi or Gokarna Aausi. Families in Nepal pay respects to the father figure in their household by offering them delicious foods, clothings, and things that they like.

“Mukh Herne” has a metaphorical resonance to it. It refers to letting someone known as a relative, or paying respects, or recognizing someone’s achievements.

This is a very sacred day for Nepalis wherein we recognize and pay homage to our fathers’ hard work and devotion towards us (his family). Therefore, this day is called “Babu Ko Mukh Herne Din” which literally translates to “seeing father’s face”.

When is it celebrated?

Kushey ausi falls on Bhadra Krishna Aausi. Aausi means no-moon day.

This year father’s day in Nepal falls on 16 Bhadra, which is 1st September on the English Calender.

What do we do on this day?

On Father’s day, those who have lost their fathers give “Sida Daan” to pandits on their fathers’ remembrance. Sida is a sacred mixture made with rice grains and other pure food materials , along with clothes.

Several men visit Gokarna to pay respects to their deceased fathers.

How do we celebrate it?

Nepal is an abundance on several ethnicities unique with their own set of languages, traditions, and so forth. Thus, the way of celebrating Kushey aausi may differ according to it. Some communities celebrate the day by worshipping the father on an empty stomach in the morning, while others observe the festival during the night.

However, every community celebrates this day with full zest. They feast the fathers to tasty meals, and celebrate their existence throughout the day.