A lively crowd was present as they became seated in Pokhara Udhyog Banijya Sangha’s theater hall to witness the play “Mausam Harayeko Desh” on Thursday. Since Pokhara doesn’t have any play houses, the Panchamrit Drama group were pleased to present the drama to the crowds.

The play ended on a merry note as the crowd appreciated the effort made by the team. The play will be staged on Bhadra 10 and 11 on the same venue yet again. The production team are hopeful about the crowd on Friday and Saturday as well. The play will start at around 3 pm on both days.

The play is written and directed by Krishna Udasi, and features actors Dil Prasad Gurung, Pariwartan, Neelam Tamang, Sawu Pathak, Sitala Adhikari, Ashish Adhikari, Ramesh Babu Timilsina, Keshav Chetri, Prem KC, Ujjwal Regmi, Akash Dahal , and Arjun Regmi. The sound processing has been handled by Rom Tamang. The stage manager is Govinda Sinjali, and ci director is Bishnu Prasad Gautam.

This is playwright Udasi’s  104th play. He has worked in 103 plays before.